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High Stability Thermal Accelerometer Based on Ultrathin Platinum ALD Nanosctructures

Everhart, C. L. M.; Kaplan, K. E.; Winterkorn, M.; Kwon, H.; Provine, J.; Asheghi, M.; Goodson, K. E.,; Prinz, F. B.; Kenny, T. W.; "High Stability Thermal Accelerometer Based on Ultrathin Platinum ALD Nanosctructures," 2018 IEEE MICRO ELECTRO MECHANICAL SYSTEMS (MEMS), Conference: 31st IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Belfast, North Ireland, Jan. 21-25, 2018

This paper presents new results from the first thermal accelerometer fabricated using Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition. PEALD allows for ultrathin high density platinum films that deliver excellent stability and accuracy [1]. We offer a 100x cross-section reduction relative to previous thermal accelerometers, thereby increasing the heating efficiency and decreasing thermal time constants [2,3,4,5]. The resistance thermometers and heaters capitalize on the properties provided by PEALD and Pt: extreme stability, high resistivity, and linear temperature coefficient of resistance (TcR) [6]. For a heater temperature rise of 150 degrees C, this device has a raw sensitivity of 54 m degrees C/g, excellent cross-axis isolation, and remarkably low drift.