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Postdoctoral fellow

Shinjita Acharya

Post doctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Ph.D., Materials Science, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,2013
M.S, Chemistry, Calcutta University,Gold Medalist,2008
B.S, Chemistry, Calcutta University,2006

Academic Interests

  • ALD of high-k perovskite ferroelectric materials for DRAM
  • Colloidal synthesis of quantum dots, their application in charge storage devices


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Shinjita Acharya, Jan Torgersen, Yongmin Kim , Joonsuk Park , Peter Schindler , Anup L. Dadlani , Martin Winterkorn , Shicheng Xu , Stephen P. Walch , Takane Usui , Christian Schildknecht and Fritz B. Prinz , "Self-limiting atomic layer deposition of barium oxide and barium titanate thin films using a novel pyrrole based precursor", JOURNAL OF MATERIAL CHEMISTRY C, vol. 4, pp. 1945-1952, 2016.

Yongmin Kim, Peter Schindler, Anup L. Dadlani, Shinjita Acharya, J. Provine, Jihwan An, Fritz B. Prinz, "Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of barium titanate with aluminum incorporation ", ACTA MATERIALIA, vol. 117, pp. 153-159, 2016.

A. Dadlani, O.Trejo, S. Acharya, J. Torgersen, I. Petousis, D. Nordlund, R. Sarangi, P. Schindler, F. Prinz, "Exploring local electronic structure and geometric arrangement of ALD Zn(O,S) buffer layers using X-Ray Absorption spectroscopy", JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, vol. 3, pp. 12192-12198, 2015.

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