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Benefits of the Program

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Benefits of the Program

  • Select Stanford workshops and symposia
  • Invitations to meetings and special events
  • Facilitated visits to campus
  • Active engagement with affiliated faculty
  • Active engagement with affiliated students and recruitment opportunities
  • Summer Master's Course for up to four Visiting Scholars* per affiliate
  • Potential offerings of Master Classes for select research topics, based on affiliate need
  • Collaboration on establishing joint research projects

NPL Affiliate Visitor program

Visitors from Affiliated companies may want to spend periods of time at Stanford to explore, and/or participate in, research areas of mutual interest. Each Affiliate member may send visitors to Stanford for the equivalent of one-person visitor per year.  This could be one person for 12 months, two persons for 6 month, etc. More than one person could visit at the same time as long as the total person time does not exceed 12- person months from the start of the first visit.

Summer Master's Course 

The Summer Master's course covers numerous topics, including

  • Applied electrochemistry at the micro-and nanoscale
  • Density Functional Theory

 Both of the above facilitate a better understanding of the underlying theory regarding the following application domains:

  • Fuel cells
  • Electrolyzers
  • Batteries
  • Additive (3D) manufacturing
  • The educational, cultural and research environment at Stanford

The content of the course would be adjusted to take into consideration the wider backgrounds of potential participants, which should increase its appeal even further.  At the end of the summer stay, participants would receive a certificate of completion from Stanford.


*Visiting Scholar: Short-term residencies in accordance with Stanford's Visiting Scholar Policies. In particular it should be noted that each Visiting Scholar’s travel and lodging costs will be covered by the affiliate.