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About the Affiliate Program

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Fritz Prinz, Finmeccanica Professor in the School of Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Tom Jaramillo, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Associate Professor of Photon Science.

Fritz Prinz and Tom Jaramillo are the Faculty Co-directors of the NPL Affiliate Program. Both are Senior Fellows at the Precourt Institute for Energy.

The Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory Affiliate Program (NPL-AP) formed as a partnership between the Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory and the Jaramillo Laboratory.

The Jaramillo lab conducts fundamental research into the chemistry and physics of materials and engineers their surface and bulk properties to ultimately improve the efficiency of chemical transformations in renewable energy.

The Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory at Stanford addresses fundamental issues related to materials design and processing at the nanoscale.

The NPL and the Jaramillo Laboratory partner to create next generation catalysts for fuel cells and hydrolizers and other electrochemical applications.. Other interests include correlated electronic states which are potentially applicable to energy storage and catalysis. Much of our work is enabled by the adoption of atomic layer deposition (ALD) processing which allows us to make ultra-thin layers of precious metals and dielectric structures with ultra-high electrical breakdown strengths. The labs are interested in the realization of modern sensory structures that benefit from the availability of high quality material layers as can be accomplished with ALD. The Laboratories are engaged in quantum simulations that allow us to predict the performance of the structures we build. We also use quantum similations for down selecting possible material alternatives for targeted outcomes in material performance.

Both Laboratories share students, postdocs, Visiting Scholars and resources.

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Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Capricorn, LLC