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NPL-Affiliate Program

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The purpose of the NPL-AP is to share knowledge specific to our research findings and to facilitate active engagement between corporate executives and research scientists and Stanford faculty and students affiliated with our Laboratories.

The main focus of the Program is to educate qualified engineers, scientists and executives on the technology created by our Laboratories.

Participants of the Program will have the opportunity to work directly with Stanford researchers and participate in a focused or more wide-ranging direction through research focus groups, workshops, and specialized events.

The NPL-AP will obtain input from affiliates on topics of interest and relevance, and will also work with the affiliate to initiate targeted educational programs.

From Our Faculty Co-directors

Semiconductor fabrications processes that have been in development for decades are now beginning to enter the energy domain.  Consider energy conversion and storage devices, which greatly benefit from “nanostructuring.” Shorter charge transport paths, reduced usage of precious materials for catalysis, and tuning of semiconductor bandgaps may significantly enhance efficiency and reduce the costs associated with fuel cells, batteries, and solar cells. The NPL team members, in close cooperation with the Jaramillo group, are addressing many of these challenges and developing opportunities. 

- Professor Fritz Prinz

One of the most important technical problems facing humanity is the development of a long-term, sustainable energy economy. In our research groups, we develop clean energy technologies. Our group conducts fundamental research into the chemistry and physics of materials and engineer their surface and bulk properties to ultimately improve the efficiency of chemical transformations in renewable energy.

- Professor Thomas F. Jaramillo