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Professor Fritz Prinz poses in the shade of the main quad arcade with ten members of the NPL team
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Welcome to the Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory at Stanford!

Our team is addressing fundamental issues on energy conversion and storage at the nanoscale. We employ a wide range of nano-fabrication technologies to build prototype fuel cells and capacitors with induced topological electronic states. We are testing these concepts and novel material structures with the help of atomic layer deposition, scanning tunneling microscopy, impedance spectroscopy and other technologies. In addition, we use atomic scale modeling to gain insights into the nature of charge separation and recombination processes. Our intention is to eventually publish all scientific results from our Laboratory. For a list of recently reviewed publications, please visit our highlighted Research Publications. For a complete list of publications, please visit our Publications page.

-- Fritz Prinz, Director, Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory and the Leonardo Professor in the School of Engineering

Probing Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) physics with an in-situ Scanning Tunneling Microscope-ALD tool

Applied Physics PhD students Yonas Yemane and Dickson Thian working with a customized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in a temperature controlled, acoustically shielded room.

Recent PhD Graduates from the Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory Group

Fritz Prinz standing with five of our recent doctoral graduates, John Xu, Dickson Thian, Champ Phuthong, Ioannis Petousis and Yonas Yemane.

Memories 50: A Celebration of Professor Fritz Prinz's Research Contributions

Memories 50: A celebration of Professor Fritz Prinz's long-term contributions to his research fields was held on the campus of UCLA in July 2017. The conference, "A Modern Look at Energy, Nano/Rapid Manufacturing, and Robotics" brought together students and colleagues, past and present, to discuss current research projects and reflect upon their experiences and collaborations with Professor Prinz.